How do I reserve an event?
Fill out The ParTEA TRAVELER form to reserve your date. We will assist you with choosing the right selections depending on the theme and time of day. 
The ParTEA TRAVELER requires a minimum guarantee to reserve a date; (see below). 

How much notice do I need to give to book an event?
We require at least a two-week advance booking to ensure that your desired date is available. However, we do occasionally have a last minute cancellation and will work to try to accommodate you.

Are there any minimums?
Yes, The ParTEA TRAVELER requires a ten (10) guests or $150.00 minimum guarantee for each service. If less than the minimum guests are in attendance the minimum guarantee still applies. 

When is the final count due?
We require that your final count is given three days prior to your event.

Deposits and Payments
Deposits are due as soon as you reserve your date. The first deposit will be based on half of the minimum guarantee cost from the service you select. We accept cash, money orders or cashier’s check for deposits only. A ParTEA TRAVELER representative will help determine the total amount based on your selection from our a-la-cart menu. The final payment is due upon arrival to your event prior to set-up and must be paid in cash only unless other arrangements have been made in advance.  Upon receipt of your deposit, we will send you a confirmation and contract letter with all the specifications outlined.

What should I provide?
All formats require an area large enough to accommodate the selections you’ve made and the number of guests invited. A dining table or another large table or buffet will do just fine. High-rise and/or condo dwellers or hosts who live or book an event where parking may prove to be a challenge, will have to make parking arrangements for The ParTEA TRAVELER inside the complex or building or other suitable/convenient area for the duration of the event.

What other services can you assist with?
The PARTEA TRAVELER is a party/event professional. We can assist you with everything needed to make your party a pleasure including items such as centerpieces, balloons and other decorative pieces.   We can make arrangements, with florists, musical ensembles, D. Js, photographers, and any other service you may need. Of course these services will require a special contractual arrangement with the providers, but it will be our pleasure to work with you to secure the right fit for your event!

What happens if I cancel or have to change the date?
Deposits are refundable only if the event is cancelled in writing at least three weeks in advance. If less than three weeks’ notice is given or the cancellation is not in writing deposits are nonrefundable. However, we will endeavor to work with you to find a suitable alternative date if possible. All specifications will be outlined in the contract. The ParTEA TRAVELER reserves the right to make the final decision.

The ParTEA TRAVELER assumes no responsibility or liability for accidents and/or damages caused during your party. We will work to ensure that your home or other party location and guests are treated with care, respect and integrity. Please note that persons who have allergies should consult with the host so that the host is aware of any potential reactions to the food and/or paring choices made. The ParTea Traveler assumes no responsibilities for persons with allergies; it is completely the responsibility of the host and guest as to any special dietary allergies and/or restrictions.

The ParTea Traveler and the word ParTea in any form is protected under copyright and trade/service mark laws 

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